The Age of Genocide

Sign up, pick a side and prepare for battle! Who will come out victorious? Will Mankind triumph like the movies portray? Will the Dragons scorch the planet? Maybe the Kitsune will be allowed to run rampant... It's up to you to decide the victor!
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 ~~ Races ~~

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His Divine Shadow
His Divine Shadow

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PostSubject: ~~ Races ~~   Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:27 pm

The Tikifala is an ancient race, appearing as a cross between a neko and an eight-winged angel. While the first order was charged with the creation of the world, this second order is charged with the protection of the Royal Family and the rare Mystical Portals that span the gap between realms. In a Tikifalas arsenal is the ancient and cursed magick called Resonance, because it uses sound to tap into the inner workings of the universe. This cursed magick eats away at the health of the user slowly, using the casters own life force as a sustaning spark to activate the magick. This understanding of Resonance is what brought about the destruction of the First Tikifalan Order, of which the only remaining survivor is the Tikifalan leader, Demazee D'Rayalis. The second weapon in a Tikifalans arsenal is the Souledge. Through the manipulation of certain elements of the soul, a Tikifala can form a physical manifestation of their personality which can cut through both flesh and soul. Tikifalas can "fuse" their wings to grow more powerful, though most can only manage to sustain one or two fusions in combat and remain effective fighters, because of the immense concentration involved in maintaining the fusion.
Tikifala are capable of mastering one element.

The Kitsune were created to maintain a balance of power. The True Dragons to one side, the Kitsune to the other. Forever destined to exist together, yet never to achieve a true peace.
Kitsune can master a maximum of three Elements.

The God's favorite creation, obviously the hardest creature to duplicate, yet simplistic in their mentalities, the Humans are a large amount of the planet's population. Humans have a ery different type of thought-pattern, actually being the ones that created the transformation techniques. However, unlike Kitsune and Fairy transformations, the Humans had literally fused with animals. There are two types of transformations:
-Lycanthrope - The Humans can shift into only one animal, and is immortal so long as it is a full moon and they are not decapitated by silver
-Anthropomorphism - The ability to shift at will to one of any animal, plus the ability to only shift certain parts as needed (ie: you need speed so you shift your legs to have the tightly corded muscles of a cheetah). Unlike the Lycans, these Anthros are as weak to weapons as the next Human or animal.
The number of Elements a Human can control is unknown as Minstrel mastered them all, but only Hici Moonbracer has been known to duplicate the feat in Human history.

True Dragons
The True Dragons should not be confused with the Dragons. Though there are a few intelligent dragons out there, but the True Dragons are beyond traditional intellect, ranging into a istory going back to the creation. There are few races or creatures older than them. The True Dragons were The God's original police, governing over all the creations, until the Kitsune were made to balance the power between the two. True Dragons are masters of all the elements and are brn with the knowledge passed from generation to generation. The Royal Lines are the only of the True Dragons to have Soul Element.

These creatures are probably thought of as cute Tinkerbells that help lost little boys. Sadly that isn't the case.The Faires range from two Forms: Faerie (Human-sized) an Pixie (2in. to 1ft. in height).
The history surrounding the Fairies is steeped in gargantuan wars, leaving nothing behind but charred landscape and rotted carcasses. It once was a parable, "Should you see a Fairy, pretend it's not there. You'll thank me later". Some believe that the Fairies were created by Minstrel in the past, and some say they are left-over energy of Royal True Dragons' given life. Yet more say, Fairies are prudish bastards hiding in the shadows, waiting for their moment to strike.

Not all fairies are like the abve description. Some are kind and generous. The problem is that most of those fairies are very shy and afraid of all the other races. Seldom do they appear to beings bigger than themselves. The only place they are know to do this in Rich'Te.

Characters that have, or are, ascended beyond the Primary five races. These characters are reported to be immortals, incapable of dying and serve a key purpose (ie: comic relief, death, soul maintenance, etc...). While there are Characters and creatures said to live forever, these Epics truly will live forever, as no one but The God rules over them.

May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you.


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PostSubject: Re: ~~ Races ~~   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:35 pm

That fairies paragraph isn't exactly accurate.
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Ichbor -Royal True Dragon
Ichbor -Royal True Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: ~~ Races ~~   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:42 pm

What do you want to do? I give you permission to rewrite it


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PostSubject: Re: ~~ Races ~~   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:43 pm

I may. I may not. Depends on how busy I am. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: ~~ Races ~~   

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~~ Races ~~
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