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 Elements and Forces

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PostSubject: Elements and Forces   Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:03 am

Elements and Forces
These are the 6 Base Elements. In all things of creation, these Elements are the most common:
-Soul (More particularly, placing a soul and removing a soul)

From Air you get Wind, Void and Vacuum

From Earth you get Sand, Clay, Magma, Metals, Gems and Dark Matter

From Fire you get Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black Flames (Listed weakest to strongest).

From Electricity you get Ball, Forked and Ribbon Lightning, Ozone, Magnetism and Increased reflexes.

With Soul Element, the option are severely limited. This element is only available to Royal True Dragons, Kyuubi no Youko and Grim the Reaper. There is the Ability to Extract a Soul, and the ability to place a Soul in an object (also can be used by Human Magi).

From Water you can get Steam, Vapor, Mist, Liquid, and Ice.

Glass = Sand+Fire/Electricity
Flesh = Water+Earth+Electricity
Body = Water+Earth+Electricity+Soul Placement

-Dark (Rarely used by Mages or Fairies. It's the background force used for shapeshifters (Kitsune, Anthros and Lycans))
-Light (Most Elementalists use Light as it doesn't destroy the body)
-Life (Energy directly from a body)
-Death (Energy borrowed by another host, whether a summon or an incantation)
-Time (None of the Species have been able to use this force, though it is believed that Minstrel perfected his control over Time and is ageless)

Divine Force = Dark+Light
Summon = Death+Dark
Portal = Existence+Light

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Elements and Forces
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