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 The Country's Near End

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Ichbor -Royal True Dragon
Ichbor -Royal True Dragon

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PostSubject: The Country's Near End   Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:07 pm

Well, headline news yet again… As if the general public did not expect something so underhanded from their ever “beloved” country.

GM is filing for bankruptcy, a major statement for the auto manufacturing firm responsible for the sells of roughly ¼ US vehicles, but it’s not going to be a traditional sweep. No; the president saw to that little hiccup by himself. Instead of being bought out by a still successful, thriving, firm being allowed to buy out and merge with GM, the US government placed a lock around the failing company, pledging that they will buy 72.5% of GM and giving the rest to the workers’ union and share-holders.

My question to all that read this is “What does this mean for our economic structure?” many people are thinking that a “change” to socialism (and I use the term very loosely) would be a great step in furthering our economy. However history would dictate that socialistic living environments would wholly and unjustly prevent all of the citizens from making the self-profit and gains they truly desire.

Socialism in its very nature is to say everyone is equal and the funds one earns are not for themselves; nay, I dare say it is for the commonwealth. The entire reason why our country became as powerful and united as it is was for the very notion that no matter how hard you work or how many people you supervise, that you get be as poor as the homeless man living on the street! What better life is there than that?

But, wait a minute! That’s not the founding principles… is it?

Of course not, where do you see in the Constitution that we, the people of the United States, should struggle and go through strife without the pursuit of happiness? I beg you, my people, my fellow Americans, stand together and protest the travesty our “president” is trying to bestow on us with his fake smiles and outright lies.

Why should we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of when we can easily do as the country was founded for and vote for the economic values to remain the same. By God, as surely as we live and stand united this country will be a democracy; and even more so a capitalist economy! I’m a firm believer that this nation is not a dictatorship, giving sole-power to the president, Senate, House of Rep. or to the Supreme Court. And should a company fall, it should fall and allow space for new companies to rise, not be “bought-out” by the government who gains revenue through taxing.

What kind of insane society would be in if the government could tax us and make whole-sale revenues? Where would all the remaining money go? How would it benefit us commonfolk? In my honest opinion, I don’t see us getting any kind of god out of it. Unless you wanted to follow in Russia’s footsteps. They tried to solve everything with a new economic structure, first starting with Socialism, but seeing all the people suffering they invent the communist class-system, in which one party would be in the gains according to whom got the vote. Does this familiar? We are only a few steps away from jumping headlong into communism, but no one wants to say this, no one wants to acknowledge that what Obama is doing is not in the interest of the commonwealth. And I leave you with but another question. One that only you yourself can answer.

Do you want to be a Communist, a Democratic Republic or a Socialist?

La’Arcae Hill


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The Stiv
The Stiv

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PostSubject: Re: The Country's Near End   Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:43 am

did you realy write all that?

dragon form
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King of All
King of All

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PostSubject: Re: The Country's Near End   Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:53 pm

yeah I did. I had nothing better to do
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PostSubject: Re: The Country's Near End   

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The Country's Near End
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