The Age of Genocide

Sign up, pick a side and prepare for battle! Who will come out victorious? Will Mankind triumph like the movies portray? Will the Dragons scorch the planet? Maybe the Kitsune will be allowed to run rampant... It's up to you to decide the victor!
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 The Soul Chamber

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PostSubject: The Soul Chamber   The Soul Chamber EmptyFri Dec 12, 2008 7:22 pm

*A massive area, the size of many citys, containing the souls of all who are sent to this realm. A place for the demons of this realm and their queen to feed when necessary, or for the queen to use as she wishes.*

*This entire section is guarded by an incrediblely powerful 3 layer barrier, created by the Kyuubi no Youko's limitless energy. Each barrier is charged with enough energy to wipe out half a country.*

*The most interesting part about this place, Kyu creates her most menacing warriors by combining the souls of the dead with suits of demonic armor. The process turns the once lifeless objects into fearless, emotionless, relentless, and near-unstoppable killing machines which serve the queens will.*

The Soul Chamber Chaos211

*Perhaps the best part about these warriors is the fact that any abilitys the person who's soul is placed inside them had in life, are retained when placed into one of these creations.*

*The size of each warrior can vary from an 8ft tall soldier(which is the normal size) to giant 30ft tall behemoth which require's more than just one soul to power. Strangly enough, the soldiers have enough of their self consious left to have a "weapon of choice", some prefering swords while others use spears or battle axe's, and will even use any battle tactics they used in life.*

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The Soul Chamber
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