The Age of Genocide

Sign up, pick a side and prepare for battle! Who will come out victorious? Will Mankind triumph like the movies portray? Will the Dragons scorch the planet? Maybe the Kitsune will be allowed to run rampant... It's up to you to decide the victor!
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 Introduction to the world

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PostSubject: Introduction to the world   Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:48 pm

I created a world, much like our own

The God created True Dragons, a race that was gifted to command all the elements and two parts of Soul (placing a soul into a body and pulling one out), the Kitsune, a race of fox-like beings with far more energy than any of the True Dragons, yet they could only master one or two elements a piece (usually fire or water)

The Dragons and Kitsune are the first incarnation if you will of Angels and fallen Angels. The True Dragons were placed to be the enforcers of God's will (that all races be at peace), but after awhile of being the only race at getting comfortable, God created the Kitsune as a balance

The Nine-Tails is not technically a Kitsune, but the ruler of Hell Domain and has infinite energy (like the legend not like Naruto's weakling fox....) It'd take ten Royal Dragons to match the Nine-Tails in power

the Fairies are creatures of pure energy.

and there are now Humans and Angels

Humans are two branches, the Mages or the non-Mages (ie: Warriors, smiths and farmers)

Angels are strong in comparison to the humans, but only the Archangels can match the power of Royal True Dragon.

so, take a look at the site
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Introduction to the world
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